Helping Families Escape Their Everyday Worries by Embarking on a Journey They Will Never Forget.

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Karson Kachura

Fort Lauderdale/Florida Keys, FL, February 2020

Bryce Darsey

Orlando/Clearwater, FL, November 2019

Jamalyvett Jimenez Melendez

Boston, Massachusetts, November 2019

Henry Mindrup

Boston, Massachusetts, October 2019

James Fennell

Clearwater, FL, October 2019

Kevin Cahn

Vail, CO, September 2019

Nathan Tibbits

Tampa, FL, August 2019

Ronald Allen

Tampa, FL, July 2019

Cole Rutter

Denver/Vail, CO, July 2019

Katie Woods

Vail, CO, June 2019

Amber Adair

Denver/Vail, CO, June 2019

Connor O’Brien

Boston, MA, March 2019

Jaiden Wells

Clearwater, FL, March 2019

Seth Gelwasser

Tampa, FL, January 2019

Lesley Velarde

Tampa, FL, November 2018

Katie Sitton

Tampa/Orlando, FL, October 2018

Josh Webb

Denver, CO, October 2018

Olyviah Moriguchi

Denver, CO, September 2018

Tyla Morgan

Tampa, FL, September 2018

Leah Paul

Clearwater, FL, September 2018

Sierra Stewart

Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 2018

Gabriella Agostini

Orlando/Clearwater, FL, August 2018

Kimberly Florance

Orlando/Clearwater, FL, July 2018

Elibertiey Robinson

Fort Lauderdale, Florida July 2018

Annalise Kleinschmidt

Tampa/Clearwater, Florida, June 2018

Sarah Newman

Tampa/Orlando, Florida, March 2018

Lindsey Allee

Clearwater/Tampa, Florida, February 2018

Kyle Wright

Clearwater/Tampa, Florida, January 2018

Caiden Karabell

Tampa, Florida, October 2017

Katie Holt

Clearwater/Orlando, Florida, October 2017

The Nagel Family

Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 2017

Olivia Wagner

Colorado, September 2017

Melissa Yew

Colorado, June 2017

The Palumbo Family

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 2017

Adam Cowden

Colorado, June 2017

Sullivan Family

Boston/Maine, June 2017

Stephanie Gamble

Colorado, May 2017

Allie Sovie

Florida, April 2017


Jullian Kobow

Florida, February 2017

Zac Taylor

Colorado, January 2017

Rosie Colucci

Florida, January 2017

Gabe Prentiss

Florida, November 2016

Emma Broeniman

Boston, October 2016

Sean McHale

Colorado, October 2016

Caesar Tovar

Florida, August 2016

Bailey Sparrow

Colorado, August 2016

Hannah Howerton

Colorado, June 2016

Tyron Flitton

Florida, June 2016

Savanna Pageau

Colorado, January 2016

Giovanni D’Angelo

November, 2016

Jonas Puig

July 2015