“Its hard to decide my favorite part, but it would be between being able to pet and feed a dolphin, then the beach trip to Clearwater.. this was the first time going to a beach (other than lake Michigan where it is to cold to swim) and with the beautiful white sand and the water was spectacular. It was really nice to be able to relax as a family, not having to worry about anything. it was an amazing experience e I surely will never forget.” – Gabriella


“My favorite part was when our host Meghan cooked us a gourmet dinner and we all sat together on our hotel balcony (on the beach) and watched the sunset. It was a beautiful experience and the food she cooked was so delicious. We have never taken a family vacation like this before so this experience was extremely meaningful and appreci`ated. We got to spend quality time together doing things we wouldn’t be able to afford to do. It was just amazing!” – April, Gabriella’s mom


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