Jamalyvett was pre-diagnosed with NF1 when she was eight months old. “She had a big “Cafe-Au-Lait Spot on her neck that was easily mistaken for a birthmark, but mom decided to ask for a second opinion and the doctor was not fooled. She advised mom to take her
to a geneticist; as she stated, ‘she probably has Neurofibromatosis.’ From that moment our lives changed forever. We went from doctor to doctor until she was finally diagnosed with NF1; she was three (3) years old and it only confirmed what we already knew.”

Jamalyvett has scoliosis, muscle hypotonia, a tumor inside her hip in connection with her right leg, and a small tumor on the left side of her brain. She has had fibroma removal surgery, multiple brain surgeries, and eye surgery.

“Jamalyvett is an example of consistency and persistence. She has a great heart and big dreams. No matter how many doctors appointments or surgeries Jamalyvett always has a smile. She is resilient courageous, and beautiful in every way. She gives us all the strength to go on and the optimism to fight Neurofibromatosis.”

Jamalyvett was joined by her mother, Sonia, and grandmother, Lis, for her B Happy trip in Boston.


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