“Riley was diagnosed with NF at the age of 4.5. At first, we tried to avoid dealing with NF and what that all entailed until she started school and it became evident that we had to face it. Riley struggles with her fine and large motor skills. She started occupational and physical therapy when she was 5 and continued this throughout elementary school. School work was always more difficult and eventually, we were successful in gaining an IEP to help. We were able to gain this help after she started going to the NF Clinic in St Louis, which is an annual 1-2 day trip for us since we are in KC. While the IEP is a help, Riley still has to work harder than average. Since 2019, she has had three surgeries to remove fibromas on leg bones, one on each knee and one on her ankle. Last but not least, Riley continues to learn how to manage her anxiety.”

Riley and her family’s B Happy trip to Boston was able to provide the perfect escape.

“This was a fun experience. This gave us such a great opportunity to explore history and see sights together. Thank you kindly for this opportunity. We appreciate being able to explore Boston. What an incredible way to honor Brandon!” – Jill, Riley’s mom