“Zane and his mom, Nena, have volunteered for over 10 years with the AR Chapter of the Children’s Tumor Foundation, serving as NF Ambassadors for the Dancing with Our Stars Gala and other events. Zane and his mom live in a very small town in a rural area of Northern Arkansas. A B Happy trip would be a wonderful getaway for their family.”

Zane and his mom both have NF, Zane being diagnosed with NF1 at 3. Their B Happy trip to Boston was exactly what they needed.

“I have to say Boston was Zane’s favorite he loved the ships we saw. He enjoyed having a steak. Mom and I loved the crab roll. Zane said he thought it made an impact on him. He said he was so happy to be a recipient of this opportunity to see a new place. I am very grateful to have been able to have my family together and experience this wonderful vacation. The trip was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It gave us a chance to explore a new place that we would never have been able to visit without the help of the B the Difference. It gave us a chance to be together and have a little break from reality. I am blessed and grateful for the opportunity to go on this trip.” – Juanita, Zane’s mom