“I was diagnosed with NF as a baby. Having NF is tough for me because it makes things that appeal to me like the shotgun, archery, and climbing merit badges through the Boy Scouts way harder to do. School is also a lot harder for me compared to my classmates. NF gives me an unsteady hand, which makes working on projects and what others consider simple tasks very challenging.

This trip meant a lot to me and my family. We enjoyed trying lobster, and oysters. We experienced new food and I saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in my life. These are experiences my family will never forget, and would not have happened without your
foundation.” – Henry

“Henry’s NF often feels like an uninvited house guest. The type of situation that even if you move to a different room, the uninvited guest still manages to find you and settles in reminding everyone of their unwelcome presence. This finally felt like we got to just take a trip just the family having fun without NF tagging along. It was a blessing and I am very grateful.” – Rachel, Henry’s mother



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