Scott Eisen

Scott Eisen is a husband to Denni, father of Jackie Eisen Nathan and Michael Eisen, and a friend of Brandon’s. Scott is also an attorney in his own firm for over 30 years and an ice hockey youth and high school coach for the last 18 years. He graduated both undergraduate and law school from the University of Miami.

Brandon crossed paths with Scott when he was so young and their 20 year journey together began through life. From those experiences a lifelong friendship and commitment to each other was born and still lives on now. From those adventures and experiences Scott learned so much from Brandon on how to appreciate our existence, our bigger purpose in life and the joy it can bring if we dare to share it with each other.

Going forward we are all here to cherish the legacy of Brandon and to bring good to others that also share those common bonds with Brandon.

From Brandon comes those who care to both “B”, and actually make, the difference and who have learned charity, the benefits of giving and the satisfaction for actually succeeding in those goals.

This foundation is here to enlighten others to enjoy life to the fullest, to be brave and carry on the courage of Brandon and share that adventure with the rest of us. Together we can all “B” the Difference for those that deserve it.

With the guidance of Jessica and Stephanie, this foundation shall become a dream and a reality to celebrate the life of Brandon and the greatness, innocence and good he always represented.

Scott and Brandon