Meet Tracy.

“I have had surgeries to remove tumors on my face, arms, and legs. I had a sheath tumor removed from my thigh. I am currently seeing surges and neurology regarding a tumor on my neck that is causing pain and discomfort. I lost my sister in 2015 from complications of NF1, and my mom passed away in December of 2020. I have been out of work for two years, with the last year serving as my mother’s only caretaker until her death. Since I am currently unemployed.

I recently obtained my second master’s degree and plan on using my degree as a platform for increasing awareness of NF. I am currently writing a novel, but since being without work for
some time I’m finding difficulties in obtaining a job. I’ve had several interviews but I feel once people get a look at what NF looks like they may have second thoughts about hiring me.

This assistance means I have the opportunity to exhale. I have cared for so many people for so long, and now I need help. Both my mother and sister had me help when they needed it the most; we were each other’s primary support system. When I lost them, I felt so alone, wondering who would be there for me. Relief from B Kind means those angels I now have are still working with kindness to try and make me smile.”

B Kind has provided Tracy with food assistance to help offset the costs of bills while she looks for employment.