Meet Yaniry. Yaniry was a recipient of our scholarship grant to the Children’s Tumor Foundation’s NF Summit. As part of our scholarship, we awarded attendees who could otherwise not afford it assistance with travel, accommodations, and/or tickets.

Yaniry’s work situation had recently changed. She was out of a job and couldn’t attend the Summit on her own.

“I was born NF 1, and I am the only one in the family with it . I am a mentor and a volunteer for Children Tumor Foundation and I want to give a huge thanks to B the Difference for the collaboration towards CTF. Thanks for helping the Children Tumor Foundation with helping families with scholarships to attend the Summit.

Attending the Summit this year means a lot to me and my mom it’s an amazing day to learn, share my story with many people, and see new and friendly faces. Since I did not get complete support or information about NF, I am so eager to learn more about my health condition. My dream is to have the information to help other families so that there is no one left behind, like how I have felt.”