Meet Tracy. Tracy, her son, Erik, and daughter Kristina all have NF. Erik had the most complications growing up including a fast-growing tumor on his spine that caused scoliosis. He had 23 surgeries by the time he was 16. Her husband was recently diagnosed with early dementia, causing Tracy to be the only working adult providing for her family of five.

“Within the last 6 months, my husband went from someone you were able to talk to and carry on an intelligent conversation to someone who doesn’t know where his bedroom is or how to take care of himself. I’m the only breadwinner in my household and finding it physically hard to work these days I have been a nurse for 33 years.  I try to work but the hip pain becomes to be to much. I work for 1 day and have to recover for 2 days. It has become very difficult for me to walk.”

B Kind provided food assistance to Tracy to take this stressor off her and her family.

“This means we can have actual meals. Not just scraps of food found in the freezer or something in the cupboard to eat. This is one less stressor  – trying to figure out how to come with money for the basics.”