Robert is disabled with NF spinal tumors and chronic pain. He is the father of five – two girls followed by three boys. The youngest, Ivan, is 19 with NF. One of his daughters had a serious bout with COVID and Robert used his little available funds to help her while she was off her feet. The rest of his college-aged children are all out of work and look to him for financial assistance. Robert finds himself having to make impossible decisions like choosing to fix a mechanical issue with his car or help his children. B Kind is providing Robert with six consecutive months of food assistance to help offset the cost of his other financial obligations. 

“I’ve been let down so many times these last few years. I’m pretty much on my own. I help my kids during this insanity, but I worry constantly that if something happens where I need help I’ll have no one. I just need a huge break from it all. Thank you so much, I hope everyone knows how much this is appreciated.” – Robert