Meet the Palumbo family. Stacey, her husband Mike, and kids Tyler and Samantha took their B Happy trip in 2017. Mike, Tyler, and Samantha all have NF. 

Mike has been in and out of the hospital with serious health issues. His hemoglobin was so low that he was admitted. Weeks prior he burned his arm on a pizza oven and the burn never healed. The doctors noticed it at the hospital and found Myler dysplasia, a type of pre-cancer in the wound. The doctors were successfully able to remove the cancerous wound. 

Mike recovered enough to the point where he was well enough to go home, but with no answers as to what brought him in in the first place. He is on the transplant list for his kidney, and his health is in a major decline. He’s lost 30 pounds, is wheelchair-bound and his arm is immobile. 

Stacey is a teacher and is now the only parent working. Her job is a high risk of both contracting COVID and now that the pandemic is especially bad, she is at risk of losing her job.  

B Kind provided relief to the Palumbo’s in the form of grocery store gift cards and gas cards to help them make ends meet.