Meet Nicole. Nicole is a single mother of three. Both older boys are in hybrid school meaning they are doing both at-home and in-person learning. Nicole has made the decision to keep Matthew, the youngest, home for full-time virtual learning. He has the most issues because of his NF and she does not want to risk him becoming sick.

“Our biggest struggle has been our increase in the internet since school has been from home. All three boys sign in for up to 5 hours each day, all at the same time. They have to be split throughout our apartment in order to hear what is going on in their classes. and not be heard by their brother’s classes as you can imagine that alone is a task. Because at least two have to be further away from our router we have had to purchase a booster so the signal makes it to the back bedrooms. We have also had to increase our speed so everyone can have their videos work effectively and most recently had to increase the amount of internet we have.”

B Kind has provided Nicole with five months of grocery store gift cards to help offset the cost of increased internet service and food since the boys are now home for three meals a day.