Meet Khalib and Adrian. “Both boys were diagnosed with NF at birth.  They got it from me. Neither has had to have surgery, but Khalib has to a few MRIs because he has a nodule on his optic nerve.  Khalib also has  ADHD and left-sided hemiparesis cerebral palsy. He also has a 4th-grade reading level.  Adrian has ADD and has resource teachers.  They both have an IEP and get extra help and time for tests.

This pandemic has put a little stress financial stress on me. I’m always worried about having enough food on the table. I used to babysit for 3 families, and now down to just one.  Not all the parents are back to work, so sometimes I go to food pantries.”

B Kind provided both Khalib and Adrian with new Chromebooks to facilitate their online learning, as they were both sharing an old laptop to connect to classes.