Meet Jennifer, and her two daughters, Angelina and Annabella. Jennifer was diagnosed with NF at birth, and both daughters have NF as well. Jenn was laid off from work due to COVID.

“I was diagnosed at birth, I struggled with learning disability from about 3rd grade till now. In 1994 I had a full spinal fusion with 2 Harrington rods, I went from a slight curve to 90° as I was hitting puberty. Everything has been going well until about April I started losing feeling in my hand. I had multiple tests done and they found a large mass next to my lung also my spinal cord is leaking fluid into a pocket. I had surgery on January 15th and the biopsy reports came back it is an MPNST Malignant Peripheral Nerve Tumor. I’m starting radiation
treatments within the next week. It will be 6 weeks 5 days a week. Angelina my oldest suffers from a slight learning disability and depression and, Annabella seems to be doing well they are monitoring some nodules and scoliosis in her.”

B Kind provided Jennifer with six months of food assistance to help with the added food the girls consume while they are home for remote learning.