Meet Dillon.

“I was born with NF and was diagnosed at the age of 2. I grew up my entire life having to go to all these doctor appointments and checkups when I should have been enjoying my life being a kid. I am now 24 and have a really large tumor going from my ear all the way down to my heart. It’s pushing up against my vocal cords, esophagus, and more, causing me to have a really bad cough and causing me to throw up. I’m about to have a major surgery to get it removed but unfortunately, they are going to have to cut into my breast bone which will make me have plates and rods in my chest, and they said I potentially have the chance to have my jaw cut into as well and would have to have the same done. It’s been very hard since I’ve had this tumor. I can’t work, I have no energy, can’t pay my bills, get food or anything so it’s not been easy at all lately.”

B Kind provided Dillon with food assistance to help with food and bills, as well as offset the costs of his surgery.

“This helps so much and takes a huge relief off my chest especially since I’m dealing with this alone. It means the world to me to have some kind of help.”