Meet Danny.  Danny has  NF1. Danny’s fibromas are very irritating and painful at times.
“Some of them got so big under my armpit that I couldn’t do my job because I couldn’t lift my arm above my head too much. I had to leave my longtime job at Walmart DC bc I drove heavy equipment & I started getting dizzy, having blackouts, and just hurting a lot.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with peripheral nerve sheath tumor (sarcomatoid sarcoma) stage 4 metastatic. This cancer is very rare and it has a lot to do with the NF1 because of the nerve attachment. I have one mass on my hip flank area and one in my lung.  I had surgery on my hip to remove the mass in January 2020.”

Danny and his wife Janet have been raising their grandson since he was one; he’s now 9 and they have fully adopted him. Danny fights each day to be there to help Janet raise their grandson.

B Kind provided Danny and his family with three months of food assistance to offset the costs of Danny’s medical care.