Meet Celeste.

“Celeste went in for her 2-year check-up and her head measured 94th percentile and she was born with cafe au lait spots. They triggered emergency appointments to a neurologist and a genetics doctor. After MRI’s and genetics testing, an optic glioma tumor in her eyes that has
spread to her brain were found. 2 weeks later, we went in for port placement surgery, and chemotherapy started. That was January 2021. She has been in chemotherapy weekly since then and her treatment is still ongoing until at least February 2022. On December 28th we have 5 MRIs scheduled to check the status of the brain tumor and to check her spine to see if any new tumors have formed. She is blind in her right eye and has no peripheral in her left eye. She is an amazing little kiddo and she is simply my hero. It’s been hard for us as a family because I had to quit working since her diagnosis so becoming a one-income household has hurt us, but we just get by the best we can.”

B Kind provided Celeste’s family with food assistance to help offset the cost of medical bills, travel to and from the hospital and provide food for Celeste’s 10-hour chemotherapy days.