Meet Bukwop and his mom, Akuot. Akuot, a foreign medical graduate from India, and her family moved to America as refugees due to the war in Sudan. Bukwop’s father went back to Sudan to work as a lawyer, as he was unable to make ends meet working entry-level jobs in the U.S. Akuot left her nursing program to care for her 4 children. It has not been easy raising them on her own, especially without work.

Bukwop was diagnosed with NF when he was 12. He has always had learning difficulties and trouble interacting with others. He was diagnosed with a mass on his left optic nerve and has been seeing a specialist. Unfortunately, this NF specialist did not accept their insurance so they had to pay large out-of-pocket costs. B Kind paid this out-of-pocket cost as well as providing three months of food assistance.