Meet A’leiah and her parents.

A’leiah was diagnosed with NF1 when she was 6 years old. She has scoliosis, which requires her to wear a brace. She has to wear special clothing to fit over her brace and cannot use a traditional backpack. This has caused A’leiah to feel alienated from her peers, and as a result, she struggles with depression. As a result of this and educational difficulties, A’leiah is partially homeschooled but does not have the means at home to excel at school.

B Kind provided A’leiah’s family with a laptop, a printer, and a gift card to Walmart to facilitate in learning and help provide her with specialty clothing.

“You have really blessed us as we are going through the biggest financial hardship we have ever had. A’leiah was so excited to receive your wonderful help with our lives and getting A’leiah things she needed so very much!”