Meet Melissa.

“I was born at 27 weeks premature I had a neurofibroma on my brain and behind my right eye which makes my right eye butt out and bigger than my left eye. I never had sight in my right eye and in 1998 I had my right eye removed because it was causing so many problems with headaches and just very painful. I currently have a prosthetic and my right eye. I have a lot of the cafe au lait spots all over my body. I have several eye surgeries on my right eye before having my eye removed to have it reconstructed to the close to normal but eventually just having a whole I removed and 1998.

My current state of insurance doesn’t cover me getting a new eye prosthetic or the consultation appointment. I’ve been having the current situation since 2010 and am in desperate need of another eye. The one I have is not fitting properly and it is scratching the back of my eye which can lead to a really bad infection.”

B Kind covered Melissa’s consultation appointment to get her prosthetic eye checked out and get a regular buff and polish which she hadn’t had in 12 years. The prognosis was that Melissa needed a new prosthetic eye. B Kind provided Melissa with a new fitted prosthetic eye.