Meet Emma.

When Emma and her family were introduced to us, Emma had just recently been diagnosed with NF. “Emma’s NF went untreated for 8 years due to medical doctors saying her sight and balance issues were her just being a clumsy child. She has walked into several corner walls and fell off playground equipment as she doesn’t have good peripheral vision. Since her diagnosis, she underwent her first major brain surgery. The hospital that finally diagnosed her properly after years of visits and complaints let a tumor get to the size of a golf ball behind her right eye before they felt the need to figure her disease out. She is permanently blind in her right eye due to the tumor constricting her optic nerve for so long.”

In addition to learning of Emma’s NF diagnosis, Emma’s family was temporarily homeless due to their previous living situation being condemned.

“Any help that we get will take a little stress off of us, and that would mean everything to us. Since realizing everything having NF means, we’re completely devastated. And knowing Emma’s been suffering for all these years while doctors blew her and us off, we’re beside ourselves in grief/guilt. It’s all very hard to deal with. So our family would be internally grateful.”

B Kind provided Emma’s family with three months of food assistance to help provide for Emma, her 10-year-old brother, and baby sister.