Meet Emir, his mother Milagros, and grandmother, Zoila. Emir was referred to us in hopes of connecting Milagros with a Spanish-speaking representative at an NF Clinic. Milagros
has a very limited understanding of what NF is as Emir was diagnosed in a small clinic by a pediatrician who did not speak Spanish. He was also recently diagnosed with autism.

“Milagros works at a laundry center and makes barely enough to maintain herself, her mother, and her son. Emir does not speak, nor is he potty trained. Milagros’ mother has been helping with childcare but she is turning 80 this year and Emir is getting bigger and harder to manage. Daycare is a financial burden they cannot afford. They also do not have medical insurance and thus need financial assistance for medical costs.”

B Kind was able to connect Milagros with a Spanish-speaking contact at the NF Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital who introduced a program that could help with their lack of insurance. B Kind also provided Milagros three months of food assistance to help with her financial burden.