Meet Daniel.

“Daniel was diagnosed at 6 months old with NF1. He showed delays from a very early age. After his diagnosis early on development began therapy with him and continued that until the age of 2 when he was enrolled in early on headstart. Daniel has always struggled with school and being picked on which has resulted in a total lack of confidence in Daniel although his brother and sister have been his champions on many occasions. As the grade level increases so does Daniel’s struggle. And when the pandemic shut the schools down the struggle was even worse.

Daniel has a tablet at his dad’s house (we split when he was 18 mos.) He does not allow him to bring it to my house we switch week on week off 50/50. So all three of my children are trying to use my laptop that’s 12 years old and no longer runs properly.

In April I tested positive for covid and have been in quarantine since I’ve used my entire savings to try and keep my children fed. My fiance is out of work as well because of being exposed to me and each day leaves me going to bed wondering if I will be able to feed my children tomorrow. The kids are quarantined as well and remote learning is very nearly impossible at this time.”

B Kind provided Daniel’s family with a month of food assistance to get back on their feet while out of work, and a Microsoft tablet to aid with remote learning.

“I told my kids they get to have anything they want for dinner today and they were so excited this is incredible! And I thank you and the foundation for helping ease the stress some in our family.”