Meet Cheryl. Cheryl was diagnosed with NF when she was 38. “At the age of 39, I had my first surgery at AGH Hospital on a 3cm acoustic neuroma which left me deaf in my right ear. Shortly after I had to undergo radiation for a tumor on my right optic nerve, which left me legally blind in my right eye. Both of these procedures were in 1996. In 2002 I was diagnosed with multiple tumors in my legs, no surgery could be done, if I would have had them removed it would have left me in a wheelchair so I can walk but only short distances. In 2008 I had to have surgery to remove a gland from my left eye, which was caused by Sarcoidosis. My most recent surgery was just performed on December 20, 2020, to remove an almost 6cm. Meningioma from the right side of my brain. I am currently having facial numbness and weakness from this surgery.”

Both Cheryl and her husband Bob are on disability and have found it hard making ends meet in the midst of a pandemic. B Kind has provided Cheryl and Bob with six months of food assistance.