When we started B THE DIFFERENCE we knew we wanted to give young adults with Neurofibromatosis the opportunity to enjoy the place Brandon loved most–Colorado brought him so much joy and happiness. Our B HAPPY program is allowing us to do just that.

We found our perfect B HAPPY recipient in Jonas.  He has an internal light that shines so brightly for all who meet him and an infectious smile!  Due to health reasons he had to stay close to home so we were able to take him and to the most magical place on earth–Disney World!  Our B Team member, Joel Levy, escorted Jonas and his family all over the parks!  Joel, a passionate Disney lover himself, was able to show Jonas the best of the parks, the best foods, and the best place to view fireworks and parades!  Please read below what Jonas and Joel have to say about their trip:

“I am short words and took days trying to find a way to express to B THE DIFFERENCE how grateful I am for those days so spectacular that I got the chance to enjoy with my family at Disney.  They were 4 wonderful days…and just occurs to me to say: They did it!! For 4 days I forgot I was sick…God grant that can make other young patients this dream come true as I.  THANKS…Jonas”

“I had the honor of leading Jonas Puig and his family on the first-ever B HAPPY trip to Walt Disney World on behalf of B THE DIFFERENCE The four days we spent together at Disney World meant more than I could have ever expected.
Throughout the trip I grew close to Jonas and his family and with every day that passed, we wished there was another to take its place. Leading the Puig family on this trip quickly became a humbling experience, one that helped me gain a better understanding of how people find happiness no matter the circumstances.
At the beginning of this trip I knew I’d be helping Jonas and his family have the trip of a lifetime, but I couldn’t be happier knowing that I returned with a lifelong friend in Jonas.
I’m very grateful to B THE DIFFERENCE and to the Puig family for this incredible experience, and I look forward to being involved with future B HAPPY trips. There’s no greater honor than being able to meet new families, knowing I have the opportunity to change their lives forever.” –Joel Levy

When we started B HAPPY, we knew what we wanted to accomplish, but didn’t realize how many lives we would touch in addition to our B HAPPY recipient.  We are thrilled that so many people believe in and support us in our mission. Jonas’s trip was absolutely incredible, and we can’t wait to give our next B HAPPY recipient a break from the chemo, the doctors, the needles, and daily life with NF.

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