First of all, we at B the Difference want to thank all the individuals and volunteers that came out to the Cheers to B event on November 1, 2014. It was a great time by all, inspirational in its goals, and a testament to the love and hope inspired to us by Brandon.

We were so proud to announce the beginning of our B Happy Campaign at Cheers to B. The goal of this campaign is to fund the B Happy program through long term commitments from our always generous supporters.

B Happy provides a much needed diversion from living with NF by providing a vacation of a lifetime to Colorado to experience all that Brandon loved about living there. If you were at the event you saw us sharing our hope and goals of B Happy with the two young men selected to be the first two B Happy participants. It was very emotional for all and provided so much joy and expectations for the two young men and their families.

The goal of this campaign this year is simply to get twenty five (25) people to agree to fund $1,200 a year for five years.

These five year pledges will make it possible for many families to experience the B Happy adventure to Colorado. With these commitments we can plan on sharing B Happy with at least six to ten individual young adults with NF together with their families each year for five years. In addition, we have a sponsor that will match the first $50,000 we raise that will allow many more additional young adults and their families to share the B Happy experience.

As a result of the overwhelming support on this one night at the B the Difference event we are pleased to announce that we have a firm 17 pledges for the next five years.

One hundred percent of these donations from this campaign will be going towards the B Happy initiative and will be utilized for these families. This is a testament to the commitment this organization has to the individuals who need some B Happy love and fun.

This experience shared at Cheers to B only strengthens our determination to build the B HAPPY initiative. As said by Dr. John Ragheb, Professor of Clinical Neurosurgery and Director of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Department, Miami Children’s Hospital, “Doctors can heal their bodies, but programs like B Happy can heal their soul.”

We can’t do it alone, we need you! If you want to join the B Happy team please contact Jessica, Stephanie or Jackie.

B committed, B caring, B generous and help make a young adult and their family B Happy. B the Difference!