About B Happy

B Happy was derived in Brandon Merritt’s memory and stems from his curiosity of adventure, love of the great outdoors, and appreciation for the simple moments in life. B Happy allows participants the chance to escape hospital beds, routine tests, MRIs, chemotherapy, and more to forget their everyday worries, while embarking on a journey they will never forget.

B Happy is a five-day all expense paid vacation for selected NF recipients and their families. All expenses (flights, meals, activities, souvenirs, etc.) are included.

B Happy is a hosted vacation. If you are selected for a B Happy trip you will have an experienced host to accompany you and ensure that you have a great trip. Think of your B Happy host as a chauffeur, tour guide, photographer, shoulder to lean on, and friend to talk to.

From experience, we know that NF not only affects the person afflicted but the other family members who make multiple sacrifices. Trips are limited to a total of five people including the recipient.

For the safety of our recipients and hosts, we currently require all hosts and eligible recipients to be vaccinated against Covid-19.


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